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Amanda Mariano, Bachelor of Architecture & Landscaping. Archimicia is a project focused on metaverse Architecture & Furniture. The language is based in smoothness of clouds and soft colors with a touch of minimalism.

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Voxel Merchant

Leading the way in the creation and development of The Sandbox. Our expertise can help you in all of your Sandbox projects from custom avatars and generated 3D NFT collections, to land development, asset creation, custom architecture, and game building.

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The Sandbox

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untitled, xyz

Kirk Finkel [untitled, xyz] is a Brooklyn-based digital artist and architect. His work investigates metaverse architecture through a modular design process and 3D collage. Kirk is a Resident Architect at the Museum of Crypto Art, M○C△.

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Cybernerdbaby are AR/VR creators . They are true hardcore Metaverse believers & are on a mission to design their vision of utopian future, based on forecasts of different futurologists, ongoing research & current scientific prognosis.

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