Web3 Takes Flight: Flight of Legends Innovates Mobile Gaming in Colombia

You might be tired of hearing about Play-to-Earn. How about Fly-to-Earn?

Wed Feb 22 2023

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Key takeaways:

  • Flight of Legends, one of the newer additions to the mobile gaming universe, is positioned to onboard a drove of South American gamers over to web3 through its unique game premise and model with partners like ClaroTV and DaviPlata.
  • The Flight of Legends roadmap includes AR gaming, local tournaments, and both PVE and PVP battles that can earn users $FLIGHT token rewards.
  • While kicking off with a largely Latin American audience, Flight of Legends is doubling down on click-based play-to-earn trends that are becoming increasingly popular in global gaming markets, including Southeast Asia.


Web3 gaming projects are on the rise in South America, and Flight of Legends is one such game that's capturing the attention of players from all over the region. This Fly-to-Earn game is the result of a partnership between a North American video game union with a Blockchain development company with offices in Colombia and the United States.

Flight of Legends is building an immersive "aeronautics" world with a racing game on Avalanche, where players can combine ownership of Aero Legends (3D NFTs) and $FLIGHT tokens with the excitement of flight-based game mechanics.

Overall, the emergence of Flight of Legends and other web3 gaming projects is an exciting development for the gaming industry. As the technology is built out, we can expect to see more innovative and immersive games that take players on thrilling adventures through virtual worlds.

Creating liftoff through Trojan Horse tactics

The mobile web3 game has already established key partnerships with Claro TV, a Latin American Pay television operator, and DaviPlata, a widely-used mobile app in Colombia for seamless international bank transfers.

By leveraging these partnerships, in addition to its own game app, Flight of Legends plans to introduce and engage casual users with its unique gameplay model. After all, if the gameplay itself is exciting and engaging, whether it's a web2 or a web3 game shouldn't make much difference to gamers.

The game offers several ways for mobile players to earn rewards while navigating the virtual skies. This incentive system is structured to excite players with rewards and appeal to those who want their gaming sessions to work for them.

How to Earn $FLIGHT

Flight of Legends' Colombian founding team is tapping into the country's passion for aviation with Aero Legends, a collection of high-quality 3D NFTs inspired by some of history's most iconic aircraft. There is no limit to the number of Aero Legends a player can own, allowing them to amass a large collection.

Each plane in the game has a limited number of "useful life" flight sessions (typically 150), and players must invest in preventive or corrective maintenance to keep them in the air. However, there is also a Luxury category of planes that comes with unique features and ROI methods, and requires no upkeep.

In addition to the plane NFTs, Flight of Legends offers players several ways to earn rewards simply by playing the game. This incentivization is a key aspect of its web3 pitch for rapidly scaling its user base.

  • PvP battles, races and duels.
  • PvE missions and best-time individual races.
  • Selling Aero Projects in the marketplace.
  • Collecting and speculating with Aero Legends Specials.
  • $FLIGHT staking and governance.
  • Betting for Aero Legends at the Aviator's Bar.

Players can also resell their Aero Legend planes in the Museum of Legends, a marketplace for trading and selling NFTs within the game — while also returning value to the game operators, through a 5% commission on each sale.

Sunny skies ahead?

Flight of Legends has garnered support from notable web3 backers, including Blockchain Capital, and has secured support in Unity, Avalanche, and Kalao ecosystems.

The project's focus on legendary aircraft is already popular with a significant global fanbase, and the play-to-earn model that is becoming increasingly popular in South America and Asia is expected to work in its favor.

Flight of Legends is poised to differentiate itself from other gaming projects, thanks to its unique aeronautical logistics gaming model paired with milestone based rewards.

Coming next.

It's worth noting that Flight of Legends hasn't been very active on social media lately, which has caused some uncertainty about the project's future. However, we wanted to highlight this game as an example of the emerging web3 gaming projects coming out of South America, and how they are approaching onboarding traditional gamers by leveraging popular gaming channels.

Flight of Legends' strategy to partner with ClaroTV and DaviPlata, and to tap into the popularity of click-based play-to-earn mobile app games in South America, could prove to be an effective way to scale its user base. With support from web3 backers paired with their recent partnerships, there is reason to believe that this project could successfully transition traditional gamers over to web3, in a way that doesn't make users have to think about it.

While there may be some uncertainties surrounding the project, we'll be keeping an eye on Flight of Legends and other web3 gaming projects emerging from the region.

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