Illuvium: Beyond - Reinventing Collectible Card Gaming as We Know It

It's time to turn those binders into albums with Illuvium's new CCG.

Tue Mar 07 2023

3 Minutes


Key takeaways

  • Illuvium: Beyond is a recently launched customizable collectible card game (CCG), offering new characters and accessories.
  • CCGs like Pokémon gained popularity due to their strategic gameplay mechanics, social components, and the thrill of collecting rare and valuable IP.
  • Illuvitars are hand-drawn, unique characters with different expressions, backgrounds, and accessories. The rarity of accessories and the Illuvitar itself determine their power rating, which can exceed 9000.
  • The game offers a lot of flexibility and creativity in gameplay, allowing players to personalize their collections and create something unique that represents their individuality.
  • The Hub is the central location for all the exciting events in Illuvium: Beyond, where players can add to their collections, explore the marketplace, view their assets and leaderboards, bond their accessories, and track their progress.

Are you ready for a new adventure? Illuvium: Beyond is live, offering a customizable collectible card game (CCGs) with new characters and accessories. With an array of Illuvitars, new IP, collector incentives, and gameplay, the game is ideal for players and collectors who enjoy competitive card games and collecting cards.

Collectible card games like Pokémon gained popularity among gamers due to their strategic gameplay mechanics, social components, and the thrill of collecting rare and valuable IP, and accessibility with simple rules.

CCGs provide a lot of flexibility and creativity in gameplay, making it an entertaining and thoughtful experience that engages both competitive and casual players.

Illuvitars bring Illuvials to life as the unique feature of Illuvium: Beyond. Each Illuvitar is hand-drawn with three different expressions to collect, along with a random background and five slots for different accessories, including head, body, skin, props, and eyes. The rarity of accessories added, along with the rarity of the Illuvitar, determines the power rating.

D1sks are the key to acquiring Illuvitars and accessories, with each containing random items, making it an exciting experience to open them. A Standard D1SK contains one Illuvitar, three accessories, and one Tier 0 Illuvitar. Meanwhile, a Mega D1SK offers better chances of getting great things – swapping out the T0 Illuvitar for a guaranteed rare Illuvitar – but comes at a higher cost. Players can also trade D1sks with other players, giving them an opportunity to obtain items they covet.

Illuvitars Waves are a key component of the game – you can think of them as a series of collectible drops. Every wave comprises 25 Illuvials, including an assortment of Tier 0 Illuvials. Each wave lasts for three months, and the initial set will feature six waves. Per Illuvium’s recent article, Illuvium: Beyond - A Collectible Card Game with Endless Possibilities, at the start of each wave, there will be a limited-time sale of D1sks marked as Alpha, which are highly desirable among collectors, but do not have any impact on the gameplay.

Another unique element to the game is a feature called bonding. Bonding allows collectors to permanently pair an Illuvitar and accessories, creating a new customized Illuvitar with a higher power rating. There are literally billions of possible combinations, so bonding is the ultimate form of self-expression.

The album is a vital part of the Illuvium experience, serving as a centralized location for all the Illuvitars that players collect along their journey. It's divided into different collections, each providing a unique goal for players to strive towards, and a sense of satisfaction when they complete a collection or milestone. As players collect more Illuvitars, they earn points that increase their rank, allowing them to compete against other collectors and showcase their status in the Illuvium community.

Speaking of community, the Hub is where all the action happens in Illuvium: Beyond. Here, players can add new collectibles to their collection, access stats, and explore the marketplace to barter with other players for rare Illuvitars and accessories.

Illuvium: Beyond is a next-gen collectible card game appealing to collectors, casual and competitive gamers. Its distinct Illuvitars and IP, coupled with the competitive element of the game, make it a strong choice for folks who enjoy collecting cards, and its nostalgic charm is sure to resonate with longtime fans of the genre.

Start your adventure today by visiting the Illuvidex website, connecting your IMX-linked wallet, and diving into the world of Illuvium: Beyond!

Want to get started? See how you can collect and play on Illuvium: Beyond

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