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The Sandbox is a virtual world focused on creator gaming, allowing anyone to create immersive experiences within its environment.

Wed Mar 09 2022

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At a glance

Feature Detail
Network Ethereum
Opened May 2012 (mobile game/non-blockchain); August 2018 (blockchain marketplace release); November 2021 (Alpha Season 1 game release); March 2022 (Alpha Season 2 game release)
Currency $SAND
Land 166,464 parcels


The Sandbox is an Ethereum-based 3D world home to distinct voxel avatars and buildings. Supporting ERC-721, ERC-1155 and its native ERC-20 token, $SAND, both fungible and non-fungible assets are able to be utilized in this virtual world. The Sandbox is a virtual world focused on creator gaming, allowing anyone to create immersive experiences within its environment.

The Sandbox is known for its voxel, cube-like aesthetic.


According to their roadmap, The Sandbox has plans for a mobile release set for Q4 2022. For now, users have to download Sandbox Client, as well as purchase the “Alpha Pass” as an NFT (priced at 0.08-0.1 ETH) in order to play. Current Alpha gameplay is limited to Alpha Pass holders, with a player cap between 5K–10K.


The maximum allowable number of land parcels in The Sandbox is 166,464, which will be distributed over a multi-year period. Parcels are categorized as either LAND or ESTATE. A single land parcel measures the real-world equivalent of 96 m², and an estate is made up of multiple adjacent land parcels combined.


$SAND is the native currency of The Sandbox. $SAND is an ERC-20 token, created on the Ethereum blockchain, to facilitate all transactions in The Sandbox virtual environment. $SAND token allows users to access the world, effectively creating a “token-gated” experience. $SAND token is required in order to play games, purchase land and other in-game assets, and customize your avatar.


The Sandbox world comprises thousands of plots of land, in the form of individual parcels as well as larger combined “estates” of adjacent parcels. There are several notable estates, as visible on the map, such as those being developed by gaming companies Ubisoft, Atari, Roller Coaster Tycoon, and The Sandbox itself. You can also visit estates owned by brands across fashion, finance, music, and more.

Owners of land in The Sandbox display their logos on the public map

Recent highlights

  • The Sandbox added over 683,000 unique wallets in Q2 2022, to reach 3.45 million wallets total since launch.
  • The Sandbox announced the acquisition of the Uruguayan company Cualit, a full-stack development technology firm experienced in gaming, to boost its Web3 and blockchain innovation and development capabilities.

Behind the scenes

In January 2022, The Sandbox announced a $50M investment in its Metaverse Accelerator Program in an effort to propel the development of the open metaverse. The program invests $250,000 in each accepted project and offers incentives and bonuses to the top-performing projects. Bonus prizes include $SAND token, parcels of land, and access to additional capital.

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