Mona: A World where Creators are in Control

Mona enables artists and builders to create their own spaces for interoperable use throughout the metaverse.

Wed Apr 13 2022

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Networks Ethereum, Polygon


Mona is different from map-based metaverse worlds, such as Decentraland and The Sandbox, in that each Mona “Space” is an independent virtual environment conceived by its creator. There is no explorable map or the ability to purchase land. Instead, Mona is a platform that allows users to mint and own bespoke, one-of-one virtual Spaces, where they can display NFTs and gather with other users.


Mona enables artists and builders to create their own spaces for interoperable use throughout the metaverse. Creators can build their own 3D space, and produce standalone metaverse experiences specifically for a user’s needs. Some notable Spaces include Neon City Streets, Temple Garden, and Andromeda Arena. Creators can earn royalties by selling Spaces to other users, and Mona plans to provide additional support to its creator community by expanding royalty options across other metaverse worlds where Spaces are used.

Background and team

The Mona team comprises artists, musicians, engineers, and visionaries, whose mission is to create a platform with features that reflect these passions. Their goal is to break down technological barriers to spur a new generation of creator-owned, immersive art; to create an open, platform-agnostic metaverse for independent artists.


Users can access Mona Spaces seamlessly through their desktop. Additionally, builders and/or holders can opt to take their Space(s) to other compatible worlds, making them accessible via Decentraland and Cryptovoxels, just to name a few. For now, the help of an experienced Mona builder is required to port a Space to another metaverse world.


Mona is compatible with the Polygon blockchain, which offers faster and more cost-efficient transactions compared to platforms solely offering Ethereum compatibility. Mona’s core features include the ability to display NFTs within Spaces in the form of “Artifacts,” and the potential to link two or more Spaces together to form “Portals.”


Any unique digital asset (e.g. photo, video, 3D object, etc.) placed within your Space, and can link out to other marketplaces. In the future, you will be able to remove or replace Artifacts in your Space.


Hyperlinks to another Space or other compatible metaverse worlds and allow for easy navigation between Spaces inside of Mona.


Mona plans to provide special tools and resources to creators and users alike, such as integrating VR and AR features, offering token-gated access to events and Spaces, and supporting full custom avatars for multiplayer experiences for up to 100 users in a Space. Mona also has plans to expand this set of features soon, making the platform easier to use with added social utility and more streamlined interoperability.


Mona built its creator community through design competitions, artist collaborations, virtual events, and more. From February to April of 2022, Mona has held events at South by Southwest (SXSW), announced a partnership with prolific artists XCOPY and Coldie via ASync Art, and hosted a build competition challenging creators to design portals for Mona’s platform. To become part of the Mona community, join their Discord server.

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