Meet the Creators: Kay, Sugar Club

In celebration of Metaverse Fashion Week 2022, we sat down with some Decentraland wearable designers making waves in the industry.

Fri Mar 11 2022

2 Minutes


How did you find out about Decentraland and what was it that attracted you to the virtual world?

During the ICO craze of 2017. The market for upcoming projects was saturated but Decentraland immediately caught my attention because of its focus on being a virtual 3D world and gaming. I have always been a fan of gaming and I saw the potential for the metaverse concept back then, especially in regards to decentralization and owning your own digital assets on the blockchain.

What were you doing before you discovered the metaverse? Was it difficult to adapt your skills to this new ecosystem?

I was originally a professional dancer and choreographer with a long career in the performing arts. With the shift in policy regarding funding for the arts I became interested in bringing my experience as an artist to the digital space. Sugar Club came as a concept to challenge myself and create a 3D environment that could combine music, art and dance under the same brand. We have learned a lot from this experience and formed very interesting collaborations in the NFT space since 2019. Our focus shifted last year to digital fashion and making exclusive designs that are loved by the community.

What was your very first Decentraland experience and creation? When was this?

We deployed the first iteration of Sugar Club in late 2019 when the first Decentraland SDK came about. We were also participating in the early hackathon competitions with our concept and received the land for the club as a prize for being the first club concept to deploy in Decentraland. So, Sugar Club is indeed an historic 3D project in the metaverse.

What would you say is your specialty – or the thing you enjoy doing most – and what would you say is your ‘career highlight’ to date?

I love creating 3D environments, NFT art, curating exclusive parties in the metaverse and collaborating with other digital artists in the space. We’ve had many highlights but one that comes to mind was featuring legendary funk artist Bootsy Collins at Sugar Club in 2021.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to be a wearables creator in the metaverse? What sort of tools or experience do they need?

Get familiar with Blender 3D tools, texturing, UV unwrapping and rigging. Also get inspiration from fashion and other artists in the space. But don’t imitate, innovate!

Five years from now what will digital wearables and fashion be like in Decentraland and the broader metaverse?

The industry will grow. Many major brands are coming into the space already. We will see a growing number of independent artists coming and going but the ones that will stay are the ones with a long-term outlook. It's not only about the money but also the quality of what you create that translates into a growing community. The metaverse is not a race but a marathon.

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