Meet the Creators: Victor, Polygonal Mind

In celebration of Metaverse Fashion Week 2022, we sat down with some Decentraland wearable designers making waves in the industry.

Thu Mar 17 2022

2 Minutes


How did you find out about Decentraland and what was it that attracted you to the virtual world?

Polygonal Mind started as a game development studio, focused on lowpoly and performance, making games for PC, mobile and VR. In 2018 we discovered Decentraland via a client and found that our style and work-flow was perfect for building these new virtual worlds. We then slowly started to learn more about decentralization and the NFT world, and decided to go full into the metaverse.

Was it difficult to adapt your skills to this new ecosystem?

As we were working on mobile and VR games, lowpoly and optimization was key. So it didn’t require much for us to adapt to Decentraland. Our style fit in very well, so it was a perfect match from the very beginning.

What was your very first Decentraland experience and creation? When was this?

Our first scene deployed on Decentraland was an Escape Room game. We launched it in July 2019 for the Hackathon contest. Here’s how we built it. These are the first tests we did back in the day, before Decentraland officially launched.

What would you say is your specialty – or the thing you enjoy doing most – and what would you say is your ‘career highlight/s’ to date?

I think our specialty is being able to build anything we can imagine, whatever the constraints are, in any metaverse. Our vision in early 2020 was to become the main reference point for metaverse construction. I’m not sure we’re there yet, but at least we’ve been building non-stop for 3 years in many different projects.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to be a wearables creator in the metaverse? What sort of tools or experience do they need?

I believe the most important asset will be experimentation itself. Wearables in terms of stuff you can do are few to none, however it’s in the technical limitations where we can find some issues. Obviously some 3D background knowledge is required, however it’s not as necessary as the will to create and see how far you can take your creations.

Five years from now what will digital wearables and fashion be like in Decentraland and the broader metaverse?

That’s an interesting question, I believe wearables are going to take us far in our identities, and offer new ways to express ourselves. But who can say? From scanning human beings to becoming anime models, one thing is for sure, we will see some interesting changes in the future.

You’ll find Polygonal Mind on the web at, on Twitter and Discord. You can also check out their builds in various virtual worlds at their Metaverse Builder site.

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