Web3 Gaming's Secret Weapon: How Content Creators are Fueling the Industry's Growth

From highlighting new games to providing tips and tricks, these content creators are the driving force behind the industry's growth.

Thu Jan 19 2023

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Streaming games has become a global phenomenon, with millions of viewers tuning in daily to watch their favorite content creators and games on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. But now, a new type of gaming is emerging: web3 gaming, which leverages blockchain technology to create games with digital assets like NFTs built into their infrastructure.

Web3 gaming is different from traditional gaming in that it offers a new level of ownership and control to players over their in-game assets. The rise of web3 gaming has also led to a new wave of content creators, who are dedicated to exploring this new and exciting world of gaming. We explain why this matters below.

In this article, we will take a brief look at some of the top web3 gaming content creators and how they're building a community.

Content creators we're watching


Brycent is a well-known and respected content creator in the web3 gaming community, using platforms like Twitch and Twitter to share his gameplay and thoughts on the industry with a large audience. He hosts a popular series called "Web3 Wednesday" and has received recognition for his contributions, earning the title of 2022 Content Creator of the Year at Polkastarter's Gam3 awards.

Brycent is known for his integrity-centered approach to web3 gaming and for sharing unfiltered thoughts on games and creators in the space. Because of this, Brycent is seen as a valuable collaborator by everyone from interested users to development teams.

As Brycent points out, a content creator's success lies in providing value to their viewers.

Why? Because a content creator's role is to entertain, educate and engage their audience, and the best way to do that is by providing valuable information and experiences that the audience can relate to. By giving them a reason to tune in, watch or read, a content creator can build a loyal following, and ultimately drive the success of the game they're covering.


Spike is a trusted content creator in the web3 gaming community, known for previewing upcoming games, giving back to his community through giveaways, and keeping his followers up to date on the latest developments in web3 gaming and esports.

He created Waypoint Gaming, a community that provides content creators and players with the resources they need to succeed in web3 gaming.

Spike's seen as a valuable figure that brings the best of web2 gaming to web3, while helping newcomers get started in the web3 gaming world.


One day, when you are scrolling on Twitter, you encounter a mysterious mustachioed man. He calls himself the “OG Champion of Web 3 Gaming.” Intrigued, you read one of his tweets: “Are you part of the Stache Club? Join us on discord.”

Turns out the Secret Agent’s Stache Headquarters has over 4,000 members —  a whole lot of people tuning in to watch ‘Stache explore the revolutionary world of web3’s take on play-to-earn gaming. And, in addition to streaming on Discord, ‘Stache has spent more than 400 hours live streaming on YouTube.

Jonah Blake

On a path to find the 'real', Jonah Blake calls it how it is. As Chief Game Officer at Game Fund Partners and creator of Real Third Web, Jonah is keen to provide hardcore gamers with research-based stories examining the intersection of culture and gaming.

Jonah makes a good point here, and that's to wait for a game to live on a credible launcher or for its assets to be on a reputable marketplace, in order to avoid scams.

Some may view Jonah's content as a bit more unshackled, and we see him being proud to own that angle.


Finally, there's Cagy, who's on the list especially because of his early contributions to web3 gaming, even if it had a different mission back in 2017.

Cagy is an early adopter of web3 gaming: he began playing in 2017 with a mission to televise the rise of web3 gaming, and has received millions of views on his YouTube videos, including this one teaching viewers how to earn money through Axie Infinity.

That said, he's now shifted focus to The Juice Team, which he describes as a "gaming catalyst, community and content team."

Here's the gist

Content creators drove the explosion of web2 gaming, drawing millions to esports competitions with massive prize payouts and intensely popular Twitch streams. Web3 gaming is still young but is becoming robust with dedicated creators that care about gameplay, lore, mechanics, and community. As early pioneers though, most of these creators are concurrently building out the ethos and expectations for such emerging games.

For now, most web3 gaming content lives on Twitter, but we're expecting to see a shift over to video content platforms, like YouTube and Twitch, as followings grow into communities.

This era is defined by the shift from being a gamer that answers to games to being a gamer that games answer to. In League of Legends, you might fight with a sword: On a web3 game, you own that sword and can trade your in-game assets.

You might be thinking, why is everyone making a fuss over owning your own weapons - just let me play?

Charles, from Nifty Island, sums up the allure of owning your assets pretty well. Although we agree that the focus of a game should be gameplay or G3: gameplay, graphics, and a good time.

It’s no wonder then that a handful of content creators have doubled down and choose to focus on testing out and building communities around web3 games.

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