The Sandbox's Alpha Season 3: Diversified Content, Multiplayer Experiences and a Growing Community

Get up to speed with this handy primer, packed with The Sandbox insights you’ll need to hit the ground running.

Wed Aug 24 2022

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Christmas comes but once a year. Unless you’re a fan of The Sandbox, in which case, deck the halls with boughs of virtual holly because it’s that most wonderful time of the year – Alpha Season!

Alpha Season 3 (AS3) offers access to The Sandbox through solo or multiplayer experiences powered by diverse content from brand partners, The Sandbox Maker Fund, and user-generated content (UGC). Insofar, The Sandbox has been successful in doubling its season-over-season active users. Alpha Season 2 hosted 325,000 users and culminated in March 2022, while Alpha Season 1 witnessed over 125,000 participants interact with The Sandbox platform.

To take things to the next level, this third installment, AS3, promises over 90 playable in-world experiences, 140k+ avatars, and a player-ranked leaderboard, in addition to guaranteed rewards for holders.

Key takeaways

  • The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 will reveal over 90 experiences spanning ten weeks.
  • Holders of LAND, an avatar, or an NFT, will unlock guaranteed $SAND rewards every time they complete a level, regardless of owning an Alpha Pass.
  • The Sandbox offers no-code tooling that enables non-technical creators to craft immersive experiences within the environment.

Introduction to The Sandbox

The Sandbox (TSB) is an Ethereum-based 3D virtual world, home to different voxel avatars and buildings, with a strong focus on crafting gamified experiences. With gaming at the focal point, TSB offers a suite of no-code tools that allow anyone to create immersive experiences within the environment. Alpha Season then acts as the ultimate road test of in-world creations.
For a deeper look into The Sandbox, check out Parcel Learn’s complete Intro to The Sandbox, which breaks down access, geography, highlights, the whitepaper, and more.

Ownership has its privileges

During AS3, holders of LAND, an avatar, or an NFT, will unlock $SAND rewards every time they complete a level – even if an Alpha Pass is not in possession. LAND owners will earn the highest rewards, up to 180 $SAND, followed by avatar owners, and NFT collectors. Better still, the broader community taking part in AS3 will be privy to a leaderboard, wherein 1.5m $SAND will be allocated to the top ranking players.

If you’re considering buying LAND to get in on the action, get informed first. Check out Parcel’s Q2 2022 Metaverse Virtual Real Estate Report.

And then head to the Parcel Marketplace to check out available plots in The Sandbox.

Want a taste? Go to the source

There are 27 experiences from brand partners like Snoop Dogg, World of Women, and Atari. There will also be dozens of other experiences from The Sandbox’s creator community, many of whom have been supported by the platform’s Game Maker Fund or participated in regular Game Jams.

You’ll find a bunch of them on Parcel Creatorverse. The likes include amazing creatives like Lunar Factory, Voxel Merchant, and KOart Design Studio.

Plus, check out our interview with the ‘Voxel Queen,’ Fatemah Monfared, founder of SpacesDAO and an OG of The Sandbox creator community.

Inspired to go deeper?

They call it the ‘Alpha Season Effect.’ Members of the public, wandering into The Sandbox Alpha Season and emerging the other side, red-pilled and raring to go as fully-fledged voxel creators. It could be you!

School up on all the creative possibilities in the metaverse, including information about The Sandbox Metaverse Accelerator Program and Game Maker toolbox, in our guide to turning your interest into an actual career.


What else is there to say? Alpha Season 3 is live! Head over to The Sandbox and dive in. And be sure to stay tuned to Parcel Learn for more insights to help you make the most of the metaverse.

Disclaimer: the views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and should not be regarded as financial advice.

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