Web3 Gaming's Next Frontier: Explore the Fantasy World of Treeverse, the Mobile MMORPG

Here’s why it's one of the most anticipated titles in all of web3 gaming.

Wed Nov 23 2022

3 Minutes


Key Takeaways

  • Treeverse, an Endless Clouds MMORPG, is leveraging NFTs to redefine the mobile gaming experience.
  • Three collections of Treeverse NFTs (Nftrees, Plots, Timeless) give players ownership of the game and create a fantasy experience.
  • What started with two founders and an NFTrees collection designed by Loopify turned into a team of fifty employees securing a $25 million seed round valuation.
  • Own a piece of the game, and explore Founders Plots on Parcel's Marketplace.

Treeverse is a classless, blockchain-based, massively multiplayer online role-playing game designed for mobile play. The game leverages an open-world landscape with a MOBA-style combat system that lets players embark on quests, form guilds, and engage in player-to-player combat in a fantasy world. Gameplay is built around the formation of guilds, embedding the foundation of player ownership into the fantasy world and future of the game; player ownership is established through digital assets which form the broader Treeverse economy.

Players begin their journey on the Argos continent and proceed to face off against beasts, build homes and explore the world.

Mobile first gameplay

A component that makes Treeverse well-positioned in the current gaming environment is that it is playable on mobile devices. Mobile games are key to the public adoption of the broader blockchain gaming industry and the gateway to mainstream Web3 adoption. While immersive games have importance, the accessibility provided by mobile games draws both hardcore gamers and novices alike to Treeverse.

The question then becomes, who will capture the attention of new-age gamers?

Web2 and Web3 can agree that mobile games will onboard over 100M gamers by 2027. This represents a huge market and opportunity for revenue, with mobile games like Treeverse poising themselves to capture a piece of the action, all while laying down infrastructural NFTs to sustain its world.

Gameplay rooted in ownership

The Treeverse economy is split into two tokens. The first token, $SEED, is used to buy items, rent properties, and develop characters. The second token, $ROOT, enables players to govern the future of the Argos continent.

Three collections of NFTs make up the larger Treeverse cosystem, including NFTrees, Founders Plots, and Timeless. Players who own NFTrees can make passive income as other players interact with the trees to earn fruits. As users interact, NFTree holders earn 90% of the $SEED generated in the interaction. When users buy Founders plots, they can rent them out to players in exchange for $SEED tokens.

Founders’ Plots can be bought and placed inside the Treeverse. On the plots, users can build homes. They can customize the home interior and exterior and even teleport their home anywhere on the continent. Holders set a price to rent out the plot/home to other players and gain tokens that way.

The Timeless collection contains different avatars and characters which players can deploy as their in-game avatar.

NFTs make the Treeverse world go around, comprising the backbone of the game; land, assets, and wearables. The convergence of NFTs and social gameplay creates a novel kind of cooperative gameplay that, in turn, encourages a sense of ownership for players.  Even though NFTs drive the game, gamers can still focus on being gamers without having to understand the technical makeup of behind the game.

Community focused

At its core, Treeverse is a mobile first, community-driven, socialized MMORPG with NFT integrations and a Web3, player-driven, economy. What started with two founders and an NFTrees collection designed by Loopify turned into a team of fifty employees and a seed round valuation of $25 million. The round was led by Animoca, with participation from SkyVision Capital, Stani Kulechov, and other angel investors in the space. Treeverse will be launching their tokenomics soon using the $ROOT token. Treeverse is designed for all kinds of gamers, from enthusiasts who want to experience a gaming world driven by digital ownership to traditional Web2 gamers that do not want to be burdened with technical jargon.

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